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Caviar & Salted Fish

Pelazza Fillet Anchovies in  olive Oil 50g


29.75EGP Ex Tax: 29.75EGP

Realmar Fillet Anchovies in  Vegetable Oil 50g


24.95EGP Ex Tax: 24.95EGP

Seven Stars Smoked Salmon 200g


93.95EGP Ex Tax: 93.95EGP

Mido Smoked Salmon 100g


74.50EGP Ex Tax: 74.50EGP

Sea Star Macerl 250 g


67.75EGP Ex Tax: 67.75EGP

Sea Star Herring Fillet Jar  250g


60.00EGP Ex Tax: 60.00EGP

Roll Crab
Roll Crab ~ 125 gm


21.56EGP Ex Tax: 21.56EGP

Realmar Fillet Anchovies 50g


23.50EGP Ex Tax: 23.50EGP

Pelazza Fillet Anchovies 100g


89.00EGP Ex Tax: 89.00EGP

Mills Cream Caviar 185g


44.00EGP Ex Tax: 44.00EGP

Mido Smoked Salmon 200g 2+1 Fr


267.50EGP Ex Tax: 267.50EGP

Mido Smoked Salmon 200g


146.50EGP Ex Tax: 146.50EGP

Mido Smoked Salmon 100g 2+1  Free


133.95EGP Ex Tax: 133.95EGP

Kavli Caviar Cream 150g


64.45EGP Ex Tax: 64.45EGP

Fridrichs Red Caivar 100g


116.50EGP Ex Tax: 116.50EGP

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