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Herbs, Salt & Dried Veg.

Eden Sea Salt 453g


76.95EGP Ex Tax: 76.95EGP

Bob'S Red Mill Textured Soy  Protein 170g


122.50EGP Ex Tax: 122.50EGP

Senawy Cumin Organic 1Psc


35.00EGP Ex Tax: 35.00EGP

Royal Organic Medjool Dates 500g


66.00EGP Ex Tax: 66.00EGP

Nutmeg Ground Crushed 100g


85.00EGP Ex Tax: 85.00EGP

Marjoram Organic


25.00EGP Ex Tax: 25.00EGP

Eden Umeboshi Pickled Ume Plum 200g


290.25EGP Ex Tax: 290.25EGP

Eden Tekka 80g
Eden Tekka 80g ~ 1 Piece


137.25EGP Ex Tax: 137.25EGP

Eden Maitake Dried Mushroom  25g


163.25EGP Ex Tax: 163.25EGP

Eden Black Gomasio 100g


71.25EGP Ex Tax: 71.25EGP

Cinnamon Sticks 200g


50.00EGP Ex Tax: 50.00EGP

Bay Leaves 300g


20.00EGP Ex Tax: 20.00EGP

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